Make Room for Joseph This Christmas

Joseph is 56 years old and a recovering addict. Last year, he was released from prison and was sent to a recovery house located in Wyoming, Michigan. A few months later, Joseph was released from the home and was inches from going back into the madness of his past life. But a little voice in his head said, “Wait a minute, try Guiding Light!” So he came in and met with Jeff, the Back to Work Director.

“I’ve walked by the Guiding Light a million times, and I never stopped or tried to get in. Before, when I was down here, they didn’t have the Back to Work program,” recalls Joseph.

Coming to Guiding Light was a breath of fresh air for Joseph. “I would compare it to being on the frontlines of a war and returning home to society again. Because being out there on the battlefield of life, with a drug addiction and criminal behavior, is definitely a war, a personal war.”

For most men like Joseph, coming to Guiding Light was never the plan. But when you have a felony, it is very difficult to find work and get back on your feet. It takes courage to walk in our doors and ask for a warm, safe place to stay.

Joseph had no idea what to expect. He just knew he needed help. Guiding Light provided the safety Joseph needed as well as a warm bed and healthy meals. He immediately started seeing other people in the program working and getting their own apartment. “The Guiding Light Back to Work program was actually accomplishing something,” laughs Joseph. “I am really impressed and so very thankful to be here.”

This holiday, we ask that you leave room in your heart for men like Joseph, who are struggling from homelessness, addiction and spiritual destitution. Your donation helps provide men a job, a home, and most of all, a purpose.