See an Issue? Solve a Problem.

In 2009, Guiding Light, with good intent, struggled to identify and implement programming with strong and transparent outcomes. Slowly we began to move away from a culture of “down on my luck” or “woe is me” to on of “the little engine that could,” not only programmatically, but also at the staff and governance level.  In a sense, we shut off the TV and stocked up on work boots and hammers. Now we are seeing people employed and paying for groceries, rent, child support and taxes. They’re taking their self respect and re-engaging with their communities and families.

With our newfound enthusiasm, we created the back to Work program with clear, measurable and transparent outcomes, all while engaging these men in the planning process.

Our Guiding Light Recovery program uses similar tactics, with an added focus of addressing addiction and teaching tools  for a maintainable sobriety. We started Iron House as a safe and affordable stepping stone for those who have attained meaningful employment and want to continue journeying with their new shared community. Iron House supports recovery, but it’s also our first venture into a sustained social enterprise. The units bring in cash flow and provide some income to the ministry.

Then came The Job Post, our second sustainable enterprise, consistent with the ongoing mission of Guiding Light. Like Iron House, it too provides self-sustaining resources while also serving a public need.

In a short nine years, we have raised staff competency, produced meaningful outcomes, and practiced a culture of transparency. We’re proud of our successful programs and social enterprises.

As we continue to move forward, we will tackle the issues and work together to solve the problems and obstacles our residents face.

God has and continues to bless Guiding Light but we know there is always more to do.