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Opportunity. Hard Work. Success.

The Job Post puts men and women back to work. The Job Post is a social enterprise of Guiding Light, existing to serve men and women in their quest for consistent work and new job opportunities. Our goal is to quickly connect local employers with qualified, eager, pre-screened candidates so that everyone wins. We do the hard work of breaking down the barriers that prevent someone from getting a job.

We’re a full-service talent placement firm, specializing in full-time, sustainable work. We can assist with temporary and direct-hire placements. We do the hard work of finding qualified workers, so you don’t have to.

Job Post | Guiding Light Grand Rapids MI

The Right Workers for Your Openings

In addition to finding jobs for men and women that want to work, The Job Post is also a staffing agency that finds the right employees for your company’s openings. Our team puts considerable effort into understanding your business needs and its culture. We then find employees that match. Finally, we set expectations for all employees that we send to you, ensuring they are ready to start work when they walk in your doors. The Job Post does something no other staffing agency does by providing continued support for our employees. We have a full-time retention specialist dedicated to ensuring our people our successful. We also provide PPE and assist with transportation if necessary. Put our industry leading resources to work for you!

As a social enterprise of Guiding Light, our profits are reinvested in Guiding Light programs. In this way, you are also supporting your community when utilizing The Job Post for your HR needs. Learn more about us today!


“I never had a company do the things they do. They go above and beyond to make sure you are taken care of as one of their employees. I have been at my job 90 days and I got hired in at a wonderful company that’s been around a long long time.”

“[It’s] a great place to begin your career. They set me up with all the necessary needs and transportation. … They always checked in with me to see how things were going. I was hired by the company I was placed at.”