Greg McAleenan

Chief Lightkeeper

A quote Greg loves:

“You have nothing to fear, but fear itself” largely credited to FDR

What Greg does at Guiding Light:

Connects donor passion to make a difference to the mission of Guiding Light

Favorite part of the job:

Serving as a guide for people to steward their time-talent-treasure/spending time with the staff/clients of Guiding Light.

Freetime fun:

Family, friends, northern Michigan, Breckenridge, all sports.

Moments Greg enjoys most at Guiding Light:

One year sobriety celebrations and lunch with the men in the program.

Favorite place to eat:

Guiding Light (especially on Quesadilla Thursdays) & Leo’s Seafood

Favorite GLR lunch question:

“If your life were a movie – what would the title be?”


(‘Stay Tuned’ is the title by the way.)

Adjectives that describe Greg:

Enthusiastic, positive, relational, inviting

One of Greg’s quirky loves: