Javier Aguilar

Javier Aguilar

Facility Manager/Iron House


A quote Javier loves:

“The road to success is paved with failures.”

What Javier does at Guiding Light:

Facility manager/Iron house

Favorite part of the job:

There’s always something different to do, a new challenge.

Freetime fun:

I like road trips, fishing.

Moments Javier enjoys most at Guiding Light/The Job Post:

I like all the events, but I enjoy more Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Favorite place to eat:

My sister’s house

Favorite GLR lunch question:

If I could change something what would that be?

Nothing I enjoy my new life, I am not ashamed of my past.

Adjectives that describe Javier:

Honesty and curiosity, some say that I’m kind.

One of Javier’s quirky loves: