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95 Years | $95,000 Match!

Double Your Donation with a Matching Gift!

In honor of our 95th Anniversary (and thanks to a few generous donors) from April 1 through May 31 any donation you give to Guiding Light will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $95,000!

It’s not uncommon for men and women struggling with chronic substance abuse to overdose or be hospitalized.

Your giving fuels the programming, relationships, resources, and high expectations that move men and women out of the chaos of addiction – and the high possibility of death – and into living a different way in this world.

Your support offers both hope for today – through meals, shelter, clothing – and hope for a future they could never have imagined – sober, employed, restored to God and family.

Guiding Light Women's Recovery

On February 22nd 2024, Guiding Light – a non-profit serving Grand Rapids for 95 years – got approval from the city to open housing for women that will be served by the Guiding Light Recovery Women’s Program. The program will provide women free, long-term, in-patient substance abuse treatment and after care.

Celebrating One Year of Sobriety

In January 2024, Guiding Light Recovery alumni Ben, Tom, Adam, Quinn, Ian, Tim, and Jared had a chance to formally celebrate reaching one year of sobriety. These men made the decision to stay through the four-month Guiding Light Recovery program, find work, and move to Iron House, our sober/transitional living apartments in Kentwood. Not only is it inspiring for everyone in the community to see successful stories of recovery, but it is also a huge morale boost for current clients, who are just beginning the same journey these seven men embarked upon over a year ago.

Welcome to Iron House

We welcome Chaz and Jerry as they make the next step in their sobriety journey. Upon graduating the Guiding Light Recovery program, clients are given the opportunity to move to Iron House. Iron House consists of five buildings of two-bedroom apartments and houses over 40 Guiding Light men.

Life at Guiding Light Recovery

Ever wonder what rehab is like? Guiding Light Recovery is a professional, holistic, and “no-joke” substance abuse treatment program provided to men at no financial cost. The only price is their willingness, open-mindedness, and sincere desire to change.


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