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Women's Addiction Recovery Grand Rapids MI

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Designed for Women

Women's Rehab Living Grand Rapids MI
Women's Sober Living West Michigan

Uniquely designed for women, Guiding Light currently operates two beautiful sober living homes in the Grand Rapids area. This recovery housing offers safe space, personalized support, and community to build a new life in sobriety.

Ruth’s House and Esther’s House, named after two long-time dedicated volunteers, are now open and operating. Comfortable, beautifully maintained, and held to the same high standards of Guiding Light’s other housing, we are excited to walk alongside women as they live a life of recovery, rooted in community.

One of our house managers share an update:

"It’s been beautiful to watch the transformation of women who come into Esther’s house: often showing up scared, nervous and anxious but a couple of weeks later, there is a drastic change in their demeanor. They’re calm and confident. I think this is from being around other women, having a support system and community to lean on, knowing they’re not alone combined with taking on the responsibilities of work, meetings, therapy, and just doing the next right thing. The accountability we provide helps them create healthy routines and relationships with one another. At the end of the day, they know they always have someone in their corner. "
House Manager at Esther's House

These recovery housing opportunities are for women serious about sobriety, community, and living life in a new way. This is structured sober living focused on healing and transformation. This is recovery reimagined.

Call us today to learn more! Jalen will walk you through some of the requirements and work with you; the direct line is 616-881-4790.

Ruth's House and Esther's House

Women's Sober Living Grand Rapids MI
Women's Sober Living West Michigan


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