Esther blessing Esther's House.

Blessing Esther’s House

Over the past year, Guiding Light has reflected on how best to serve the needs of our changing community, and we are excited to announce plans to expand our life-saving recovery program to include the women of Grand Rapids.

Women in a recovery group.

Recovery Housing For Women

In the waning days of 2022, Guiding Light signed the ink on the purchase of two homes to provide sober living to women in the Grand Rapids area.

Karen Ruth Devos at Ruth's House.

Blessing Ruth’s House

We are honored to name one of our Women’s Recovery homes after long-time Guiding Light Spiritual Director Kare Ruth Devos.

Jordan and others men at a meeting.

When I Was Up a Creek, Guiding Light Threw Me a Paddle

“The stuff that they teach you here isn’t just for recovery. Jordan knows that he’s been given a second chance. A second chance at life. A second chance at being himself. A second chance at being a good partner and father. And now, he has the world in front of him, a feeling he hopes to help others find someday. “I am a believer that gratitude is an action rather than a thought. I plan on putting the gratitude that I have towards this place into action.”

A Letter of Endorsement For Women’s Recovery at Guiding Light

Eileen Chamberlain is a licensed Master Social Worker and believes in Guiding Light’s mission to provide free substance abuse treatment for all in our community that need it.

Spiritually Healed | Richard’s Story

Rehab. Relapse. Repeat. Richard knew he needed something different. He knew he needed to return to his faith. He knew he needed Guiding Light. “I’ve seen people come through this program and really succeed. I’ve seen the people they were before they came in and the people they were when they came out. I wanted what they had.” He came to Guiding Light in September 2022. “It’s amazing. The combination of everything that we go through here, with our spiritual direction, our physical training, going to the gym and CrossFit, and our one-on-ones. They motivate us to push ourselves to live outside the box that we usually live in.”

Eight Recovery Clients Get a Year

On January 17th 2023, 8 men of the Guiding Light Recovery program celebrated a year of continuous sobriety.

Community Christmas Meals

This Christmas we were able to feed over 250 men, women, and children of the Heartside community a Christmas dinner. All thanks to our donors, volunteers, and the support of Fifth Third Bank in Grand Rapids. Thank you so much everyone!

Guiding Light Welcomes Four New Board Members

Guiding Light is welcoming four new members to its Board of Directors as the longtime non-profit builds on its more than 90-year history of serving the community by helping individuals transform their lives. The new members began their terms in early January and are part of the ten-member Board of Directors that oversees the programming and services that Guiding Light offers.