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What We Do

Innovative Recovery

Guiding Light’s four-month residential experience creates a dynamic culture of community, peer support, and accountability.

This faith based long-term rehab provides a structured environment and includes evidence-based practices, life-coaching, spiritual direction, therapy, support groups, psycho-social education, and exercise to help men “wake up” to a new way of life. We strongly encourage men that come into our recovery program to think of themselves as taking part in a long-term commitment to their sobriety and an entirely different way of being.

This is recovery re- imagined. And it starts with something as simple as a commitment to make their bed each morning.

Dignified Accountable Sober Living

Iron House serves a dual purpose as long-term affordable housing as the final piece of programming, and as a social enterprise where the men’s rent re-invests in Guiding Light’s programs. After completing the downtown faith based recovery program, clients are eligible to move to Iron House.

Iron House is a community of renovated 2-bedroom apartments in Kentwood where residents are working full-time, paying rent, participating in support groups, community meetings, and helping out with yard work and property maintenance. On average, men live at Iron House for a little over a year and many stay for 2-3 years as they build a new life.

Recovery Housing Designed For Women

Uniquely designed for women, Guiding Light currently operates two beautiful sober living homes in the Grand Rapids area. This recovery housing offers safe space, personalized support, and community to build a new life in sobriety.

Ruth’s House and Esther’s House, named after two long-time dedicated volunteers, are now open and operating. Comfortable, beautifully maintained, and held to the same high standards of Guiding Light’s other housing, we are excited to walk alongside women as they live a life of recovery, rooted in community.

These recovery housing opportunities are for women serious about sobriety, community, and living life in a new way.

Food. Hosptality. Support Groups.

Guiding Light ensures that the generosity donors provide us gets passed on in every way possible to the Heartside neighborhood where many experience hunger and homelessness.

We give out winter clothes to community members during the cold months and offer a warming (or cooling) center when temperatures become extreme. Holiday meals are offered to our  Heartside neighbors at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Twice a week, Guiding Light opens its doors for support group meetings (such as Alcoholics Anonymous). These are well-attended groups, and all are welcome!

Service. Outreach. Engagement

A point of distinction around our faith-based recovery program is the emphasis we place on SERVICE.

While the men in programming are able to receive top-notch resources and opportunities at no cost to them, they invested in being good citizens of our collective community. Neighborhood clean-up, community gardening, or basic grunt work, our guys show up ready and willing to give back!

Part of healing and becoming whole again is the process of learning to give back.

Looking back on this gift of time, space, and rigorous programming from our amazing donors, one client reflects,

“It’s been very humbling to realize people can be that generous. I don’t feel there’s any way I can repay them for what I’ve been given. I had nothing, and now I have everything.”

Dig into the details of our recovery program:

See the impact donors have on lives:

Latest Newsletter

Strategic Plan

Guiding Light’s Board of Directors and staff present our 2022-2025 strategic plan which continues our focus on the proven Christian-based recovery program and the possible expansion into a woman’s program (which is desperately needed here in West Michigan).

We of course continue our support of the Heartside and Grand Rapids community through sharing our food. We emphasize program review for excellence, and a renewed effort toward our guiding principles, including a focus on diversity and inclusion.


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