Morning Ritual

Allyson Velderman

Allyson Velderman Hired As Guiding Light Director of Community Engagement

West Michigan Native Returns Home To Strengthen Non-Profit’s Presence in Grand Rapids.

Guiding Light Focus Points

Guiding Light Recovery is a four-month inpatient substance abuse treatment program available for Grand Rapids men at no financial cost.

The Preacher’s Son is Finally Living Life Sober, Happy and Free

Kenan’s descent into addiction began when he took his first drink at 14 years old. Although it started out innocently enough, he found alcohol to be a crutch that he couldn’t live without.

Six Men Move to Iron House

When Jalen, Brett, Mark, Eric, Craig, and Victor were accepted into the Recovery program, most will tell you their plan was not to spend an extended period of time under the Guiding Light umbrella.

Guiding Light at the Y

On Saturday mornings, some of the men of Guiding Light have been traveling down to the YMCA in Downtown Grand Rapids. They are grateful for this opportunity to begin the long process of healing their bodies from years, often decades, of addiction.

Working Out With The Phoenix

Three times a week, men from the Guiding Light Recovery program head over to local 8th Day Gym to attend a group exercise session with The Phoenix.

Guiding Light Recovery Helps Doug Chart a Better Path

By the time alcohol had really sunk its claws into Doug, he realized he didn’t want to stop drinking – he wanted to stop being caught drinking. He’d been caught a lot throughout his life – drinking before, during and after work and losing job after job.