Book Study

Every Tuesday at noon, the men of Guiding Light Recovery sit down with Scott Lenger for an hour-long book study. Scott has been volunteering and working with the men of Guiding Light Recovery for many years now and has become a beloved figure among the clients and staff of the program.

I Have Some Hope: Guiding Light Helps Victor Cope with Decades of Trauma, Depression, Alcohol

When Victor landed on the doorstep of Guiding Light in February, he hadn’t touched a drop of alcohol in nearly five years – but he was far from sober.

Guiding Light Recovery: Check-In

Every Wednesday at 1:30pm the men and staff of Guiding Light’s Recovery program meet for “check-in.” This is a time for the men enrolled in our four-month program to discuss their week so far, and to voice any concerns they have with staff or each other.

Community Presentations at Guiding Light

The focus points of willingness, honesty, vulnerability, self-awareness, self-compassion, responsibility, and spiritual formation are important principles to live by for men seeking to free themselves from the bondage of drugs and alcohol.

Guiding Light Adds Paul Davies to Board of Directors

Guiding Light has welcomed Paul Davies, principal of The Mediator Group, LLC, to its board of directors.

Centering Prayer

Every Friday morning, the men of Guiding Light Recovery attend Centering Prayer with Spiritual Director, Esther Yff-Prins.

I’m in the Right Place: Scott’s Chance at a Sober Father’s Day

Scott lost his mother a month into his Recovery program at Guiding Light, a loss so deep it would have sent the “old” him running for a six pack. “The support of the men here held me together and made me grow up,” Scott recalls.

Guiding Light Gets Men Back on their Feet, Back to Work, and Earning Their Worth

A recent internal survey found that Guiding Light Recovery clients earn an average of $4-$5 more an hour on average from the time they move to Iron House to when they leave.

Casting Light: Season 2

What happens when you get a recovering heroin addict, alcoholic, and under-employed social worker together and tell them to record a podcast? You get season two of Casting Light, a podcast from Guiding Light.