“This Program Has Been a Blessing”

Taking the Time to Get It Right

“I Finally Felt Peace and Tranquility.”

“I had a stable environment, two loving parents, and three older siblings,” says Recovery client, Bruce. Bruce was born in Flint, Mich. and lived in St. Johns, Mich. Virginia, and Farmington Hills, Mich. With each move, “I was the new kid.” Bruce moved to Farmington Hills and attended seventh grade, where he began to hang out with a new group of friends.

Bruce’s drinking was controlled for the next few years…

Guiding Light Adapts to Meet the Growing Needs in Grand Rapids

Guiding Light has remained flexible throughout its many years in operation. We have continued to adapt and change in order to meet the needs of the individuals in the Grand Rapids community and to help these people overcome homelessness, joblessness, and addiction. Guiding Light is aware that change is constant. Therefore, we must be prepared […]

Meet Your 2017 New Board Members

“Is There Anyone Here Who Can Give Me A Tour?”

“I called Stuart and asked if I could preach at Guiding Light once a month and he said yes!”

Nancy spent 25 years working as an interior decorator, before she felt called to ministry and become a pastor. But two days after graduating from Western Theological Seminary…

Successful, All-American Guy & Overcoming Addiction

“I was flying through life, appearing successful on the outside, but drinking and taking 20-30 painkillers every day. That was my life for 10 years,” recalls Steve. He was working for a major furniture systems manufacturer/dealer in West Michigan, watching his salary climb higher and higher as a successful salesman and knowing inside that he […]