Healthy & Happy At Last

Robert, age 47, fought personal issues most of his adult life.  By his own admission, he lived an unhealthy life and was unable to maintain employment.  He felt like his life was spiraling out of control in a negative direction.  “I was talking to a friend and shared that I just wanted to be healthy […]

Saying Thank You Doesn’t Seem Like Enough

Chris has been in the Guiding Light’s Recovery program for nearly four months. He tried to detox on his own several times, but was unable to remain sober for long periods of time. While at a local detox center, Chris learned of the Recovery Program from a Guiding Light program staff. He came to Guiding Light soon after and […]

Safe and Secure at Guiding Light

Jonathan grew up in Holland and always had stable housing.  Last year, however, he was living with a friend, who was evicted from his apartment. This left Jonathan with nowhere to go. He called around, and talked to his pastor at church. His pastor recommended a few organizations, one of which was Guiding Light. Jonathan […]

A Quick Story of Living Differently

I wanted to share about the cool experience one of the men in our program had: He took a scary and willing step into what we call “living at cause, not at effect.” Here’s the situation: A son who had done mean, harmful things to his mother, and a mother who wanted nothing to do […]

Creating Culture

How can something you only sense, but not see or touch be so powerful? This is a mystery we’ve been trying to deconstruct here at Guiding Light Recovery. What is it made of? I’ve been thinking a lot about what goes into creating culture. How do we create a safe, hospitable space, a sense of […]

“I got here yesterday and I have two interviews today!” – Anthony

I’m here because I’m looking for stability and instruction in my life. I’m also looking for consistent employment so that I can become a more productive citizen. I took a bad turn, but by the grace of God, I’m back at it again. I lost part of my middle finger during an on-the-job accident and began to have issues […]

The Power of Silence

What is your relationship with silence? The kind of silence where you can hear the rustle of your clothing if you shift in your chair, silence where you can feel the sound of your heart beating in your chest. Last week the men in our Guiding Light Recovery program went on an overnight silent retreat […]

“If you really want to fix your life, this is the place to go.” – Michael

I’ve been in the Back to Work Program for just under a month.  I’m here because I broke my arm falling down an icy stairwell and had eight screws and a plate put in. I couldn’t draw social security unless I was disabled a year. Consequently I got evicted after being only $500 behind on rent. I spent two […]

With the Back to Work Program, Arron is Working and Saving Money

The Back-to-Work program is perfect for someone like Arron. Until  a couple months ago he was working, living at home with his wife and three kids. But a steady addiction issue finally crept up and caused some problems. “It’s kind of overwhelming in a way, because I’ve never even had a speeding ticket,” says Arron. “Some of the […]