“I got here yesterday and I have two interviews today!” – Anthony

I’m here because I’m looking for stability and instruction in my life. I’m also looking for consistent employment so that I can become a more productive citizen. I took a bad turn, but by the grace of God, I’m back at it again. I lost part of my middle finger during an on-the-job accident and began to have issues […]

The Power of Silence

What is your relationship with silence? The kind of silence where you can hear the rustle of your clothing if you shift in your chair, silence where you can feel the sound of your heart beating in your chest. Last week the men in our Guiding Light Recovery program went on an overnight silent retreat […]

“If you really want to fix your life, this is the place to go.” – Michael

I’ve been in the Back to Work Program for just under a month.  I’m here because I broke my arm falling down an icy stairwell and had eight screws and a plate put in. I couldn’t draw social security unless I was disabled a year. Consequently I got evicted after being only $500 behind on rent. I spent two […]

With the Back to Work Program, Arron is Working and Saving Money

The Back-to-Work program is perfect for someone like Arron. Until  a couple months ago he was working, living at home with his wife and three kids. But a steady addiction issue finally crept up and caused some problems. “It’s kind of overwhelming in a way, because I’ve never even had a speeding ticket,” says Arron. “Some of the […]


The act of showing up to ask for help is a powerful first step for men struggling with addiction. I like this quote by Brené Brown because it’s concise and true: “The willingness to show up changes us. It makes us a little braver each time.” At Guiding Light Recovery, we have seven focus points […]

Our Man Jack!

Jack is a busy guy.  Each day, he’s in his office by 6:30 a.m., ready to field questions and requests from the nine guys on his caseload. “My door is always open and guys are popping in and out all day, asking questions, getting forms signed and confirming appointments, that sort of thing.” As a Guiding Light Recovery […]

How to Be a Conduit of God’s Blessing

Seen by over three million people in just two days, this viral photo of a drenched father shielding his young son from the rain captures the selfless love of a parent, and demonstrates how far a simple act of kindness can go. “Umbrella Dad” became an Internet sensation simply by giving of himself to someone […]

A Winning Combination – Efficient Lighting and Cheesecake

Sometimes blessings come when we least expect them. Last week, Brian Van Haren, President of Van Haren Electric Inc., was our luncheon guest. As he sat in our Chapel/Dining Area he looked up and was not pleased with what he saw – our less than high efficiency lighting. As a result, two workmen, Cal Fischer […]

Becoming STRONG Again

“I remember it like it was yesterday.” Charlene Strong recalls the first time her fifteen year old son came home with alcohol on his breath. Rusty was almost two hours past curfew.  “I waited and waited for him. I knew something was wrong.” Finally when Rusty was dropped off, he smelled of alcohol. “I couldn’t believe it. […]