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Brian Elve

Brian Elve

Executive Director

A quote Brian loves:

“You never step in the same river twice.”

What Brian does at Guiding Light:

I have the privilege of leading the organization known as Guiding Light.

Favorite part of the job:

Being able to see miracles begin to unfold. This is isn’t just with the recovery participants but within the staff too.

Freetime fun:

What do I do? I hang out with my two beautiful children along with my wife. I like to get a workout in and get my heartrate up. I enjoy a good book or podcast.

Favorite Guiding Light Experiences

One Year Celebrations are at the top of my list. To see the men put in the work of declarations, tears, sweat, deep soul searching, trust, crossfit, and even some good old love into their life and still be in the game a year later is truly inspirational!

Favorite place to eat:

A pizza place in Chicago I can never remember the name of.

Favorite GLR lunch question:

What is one thing you are willing to add to your life to move you forward?


What is one thing you are willing to let go of in your life that is a hindrance to moving forward?

Stop eating after 6:30 pm

Adjectives that describe Brian:

Curious, life-long learner, goofy, want to be dancer, exercise enthusiast with a sugar issue.

One of Brian’s quirky loves:



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