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Erin Ledy

Erin Ledy

Systems Analyst/
Grant Writer

A quote Erin loves:

“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”

What Erin does at Guiding Light:

Whatever needs to get done! Also, I write grants, keep all programming data accurate and analyzed, edit communications and development content, and offer lots of opinions.

Favorite part of the job:

I really enjoy giving people tours of the downtown building. I love sharing about what programming is like, what goes on here, the miracles that happen, the changed lives, the community push for better, deeper, stronger, different.

Freetime fun:

Wait, I’m allowed to have fun??

I spent a lot of time following around my kids and husband with a vacuum. Thinking about work. Eating ice cream – Aldi’s Specialty Select Premium Extra Special Vanilla.

Favorite Guiding Light Experiences:

Year Sobriety celebrations are my favorite events. This is why we do what we do! It’s a quick event, men share how their lives have changed, we cry, they nail their name to the wall of fame, and we eat cake. It has everything.

Favorite place to eat:

My grandma’s

Favorite GLR lunch question:

“How have you experienced God this week?”

One of Erin’s quirky loves:

I like thrifting! It’s fun to poke around, discover…what a bunch of junk is out there but occasionally score something neat and unique. That has sequins. Also, it’s a lot cheaper to buy clothes for a rambunctious 3 yr old and 5 yr old who have special gravitational pulls to mud and dirt.


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