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“We Are Transformed”

Kevin moved around a lot over the years, traveling a rough road from one bad situation to another all over the country. With heavy drinking along for the trip, trouble and chaos always followed.

There were toxic relationships, burned bridges, running through the woods to evade police, jail stints, getting bitten (not just once, but twice) by an illegal pet rattlesnake, multiple attempts at rehab, and hospitalizations for alcohol poisoning. He had lost his way, and lost his faith.

“I hated structure. I was fly-by-night, spontaneous. Do what I want, when I want, how I want. It was like I was driving down the road, swerving all over the place, hitting poles — until I came here, and they were driving the car.”

Kevin gained a new appreciation for responsibility and structure through Guiding Light’s comprehensive, long-term approach to recovery. The 100% percent free, 100% donor-funded program provides food, shelter, spiritual guidance, life coaching, physical fitness, a path to employment and independence, and – most importantly – a renewed relationship with God.

“You work your mind, you work your spirit, and you work your body. So, it covers all the bases.

I’m very spiritual. Guiding light has given me my faith in humanity back. And that’s basically my motivator, my drive, my purpose. That’s my higher power.”

Guiding Light has given Kevin the perspective to look at his life in a new way, to try new things, and to be resilient when things don’t go as planned.

“Sometimes it might be uncomfortable, but a certain amount of discomfort is necessary for growth.”

Kevin is describing one of Guiding Light’s key values: Embrace the Discomfort. New results demand new ways of acting and new ways of being — and discomfort is inherent in growth and sanctification. He has now graduated to the Achieve phase of the recovery program, working on employment so he can put his new perspective on life to work.

“Now I’m taking the wheel back, but they’re in the passenger seat making sure I’m OK. They literally give us the knowledge, the ability and the hope that we can succeed. By the time we make it through the program, we are transformed.”


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