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The Bonds You Make Here Are For Life

Brian was a veteran of drug and alcohol rehab. He had been in and out of short-term programs for 20 years, all of them following pretty much the same course.

“At the end of 30 days, they’re like, ‘OK, see you later. Have a nice day,’” he said.

When he discovered Guiding Light, he found a program that was committed to him for the long haul. A staff that truly cared about helping him. An approach founded on Christian faith that nurtured his mind, body and soul.

“This is a different kind of place. I guess I call it rehab, but it’s really Recovery Reimagined, and that’s what it is from the minute you first come in,” he said. “This program opened my eyes.They give you the tools to make the right decisions and to know the one thing you’ve got to change is everything.”

Brian wears a gold cross around his neck, a hint of his Christian upbringing but also his deepening faith since being part of Guiding Light.

“Faith is part of everything here. I grew up going to church, and they will show you the way. I’ve been reading the Bible more and I do daily devotions.”

In addition to rebuilding his relationship with God, Brian has built true, healthy friendships with other men in the program while discovering how a sober lifestyle can be fun.

“The bonds that you make here are for life. These are real, good friends, true friends. They’re not someone who is only going to be around you when you’ve got drugs or alcohol or money. The staff and everybody here cares.”

The recreational activities, the spiritual guidance and life coaching, the food they eat and roof over their heads — all of it is provided for free. Brian said he and all the men at Guiding Light Recovery are aware that’s only possible due to the generosity of donors.

He recalled making a donor gratitude call to a woman whose voice reminded him of his grandmother’s. As he was thanking her, she interrupted him, saying, “No, thank YOU for being there and doing what you need to do for the right reasons.” It was an eye-opening moment.

“I’m very appreciative that people really do care about us even though we don’t know them,” Brian said. “I’m just very grateful for the donors and this program for teaching me how I can and will continue to live a different way in this world.”


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